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Expert Water Harvesting Solutions & Green Plumbing Melbourne

Choose PJT for your solar hot water system, 5-star gas hot water heater and general plumbing needs

PJT Green Plumbing is one of Melbourne's first companies dedicated to providing sustainable plumbing for the supply and installation of poly rain water tanks, steel rainwater tanks, underground rain water tanks and gas fitting & general plumbing services in Melbourne.

Rebates for rainwater tank or solar hot water installation

Government Rebates

You may be eligible for Government Rebates and/or other incentives to install solar hot water, high-efficiency gas hot water and rainwater tanks. PJT Green Plumbing will guide you to which rebates might apply to your installation and how they can be obtained.

What is Green Plumbing

Green Plumbing

We all have the responsibility to save water and reduce energy consumption and a great way to achieve this is by utilising green plumbing techniques. But what is green plumbing?

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Want to know more about Water Saving and Energy Saving Solutions and how you can help the Environment?

Eco-Friendly Water Tank - Melbourne

If you’re looking for the most efficient, cost-effective water tank installation Melbourne has to offer, you can call on PJT Green Plumbing to deliver! With over twelve years in the business, we’ve established ourselves as local modern innovators providing ultimate solutions for design, supply and installation of environmental plumbing solutions for local, commercial and government water users.

Water Tank Melbourne

If you’re looking for water tanks in Abbotsford, Ashburton, Blackburn, Brighton or surrounding suburbs, you’ll be pleased to hear that PJT Green Plumbing is dedicated to providing the Melbourne community with sustainable plumbing with the installation of rainwater tanks, storm water, solar hot water, water saving devices and many more! We’re also certified plumbers, providing all manners of general and gas-fitting services around your home or business.

Water Tanks in Abbotsford, Ashburton, Blackburn, Brighton, Brunswick, Carlton, Essendon, Fitzroy, Northcote, Preston

We offer round tanks and slim-line tanks in a variety of materials, from polyethylene to corrugated steel in sizes ranging from 500 litres to 5000 litres! No matter your use – from irrigation and watering to toilet flushing, laundry use to commercial use, our water tanks will serve you – and the environment – with long-lasting benefits and save you a heap on water bills! So if you need water tanks, Carlton, Essendon and Fitzroy home-owners know PJT Green Plumbing will serve them best!

Water Tank Installation in Melbourne

Our round water tanks are the most economical when it comes to meeting your water storage needs. If your space is slightly limited, our slimline water tanks are the ideal solution! If you really, really, really need that valuable space as well as precious rain water, our underground water tanks are completely out of sight and range in sizes going up to 30,000 litres! Government water tank rebates are currently up for grabs, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for your water tank installation to save the environment and your money!

For eco-friendly water tanks, Preston, Northcote and surrounding Melbourne locals can call PJT Plumbing on 1300 731 578 today or fill out our online enquiry form for a speedy consultation!