You may be eligible for Government Rebates, STCs and/or VEECs. With many years experience in installing solar hot water across Melbourne, PJT Green Plumbing will help you learn which rebates apply to your installation and how they can be obtained.
The rebates still available and some incentives for hot water system do exist.

The following rebates are available for solar hot water and gas hot water  to assist with installation costs in your own home, provided that they are installed by a licensed plumber:

Product & Rebates Total
Greywater system - permanent, approved for use on gardens
Dual flush toilet
Solar Hot Water (replacing old gas - conditions apply*)
Up to $1200
Solar Hot Water (replacing old electric - conditions apply*)
Up to $1700
High Efficiency Gas Hot Water replacing old electric HWS*
Up to $460

* Please note that several conditions exist with a number of the rebates, and PJT Green Plumbing will advise you if your proposed installation meets those requirements, and the exact value/s.

* Please note that rebates, STCs and VEECs values for do change without notice.

Some rebates are available as point-of-sale discounts and others must be applied for after we’ve installed your water heater.

For the right advice every time on sustainable plumbing and the rebates available to you, trust our friendly and experienced team at PJT Green Plumbing, the experts in solar hot water and rainwater tank installations across Melbourne.