Your solar hot water installation may be eligible for Smallscale Technology Certificates (formerly known as RECs)

Domestic solar hot water systems are eligible for Small-scale Technology Certicifates (formerly RECs) as an initiative of the Federal Government. They are usually assigned to an agent (like Greenbank) in return for a point of sale discount. Each STC is deemed to represent the displacement of one megawatt hour of electricity generation by solar energy. STCs are a tradable commodity and the price fluctuates with the market. STCs save you thousands dollars on your solar hot water or heat pump installation. Most solar hot water installations are eligble STCs in addition to Victorian Energy Saver Incentives and Rebates.

PJT Green Plumbing will incorporate the STCs value into your solar hot water quote.

For more information about STCs and what value they currently have, click on the link to contact us.